Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. is a worldwide industrial solution provider for LCD controller boards, LCD monitors, industrial PCs and a variety of LCD products.


Since the beginning, Hengstar focus on R&D (research and development) industrial grade LCD controller boards. Our wide temperature controller boards have been widely applied to industrial and military grade LCDs. In the meanwhile on production lines, we assemble LCD TV, design and manufacture multi-media advertising monitors and open frame monitors.

In recent years, Hengstar has expanded its product line to interactive tablet/ digital signage, industrial displays and industrial PCs. In particular, Hengstar focuses on the development of products for professional markets like outdoor displays, marine, military, aviation, logistic, medical and industrial automation fields.

Today’s Hengstar holds innovation as our motto, quality as our life. Hengstar will Keep innovation to keep pace with the new technology of LCD industrial; not only supplies a wide and deep range of good quality products, but also provides professional services in customizing products and project management to satisfy all customer requirements. 

In 2004
Shenzhen Hengstar technology co., LTD was formally established in 2004 and started as the research and development of single video card and network communication products.
In 2006
Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. opened Alibaba International platform and officially entered the international market.
In 2008
this year, we began to move towards the application service of intelligent technology products and provide video solutions to various industries
In 2010
Hengstar has been recognized by the state, and has designed tank display and sight monitor for military industrial products, as well as heilongjiang bank payment service terminal equipment for IBM.
In 2014
Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. opened a new foreign trade platform of Directindustry and Alibaba International, so that more overseas customers could find us.
In 2015
We have successively provided tablet design for the us, UK and other national medical institutions. Now we have delivered over 30,000 sets of equipment and have been rated as the gold supplier by our customers.
In 2016
hengstar was moved to shatian xinkang second road, kengzi street, pingshan new district, shenzhen due to the expansion of the company
In 2018
2018 Up to now, Hengstar has undergone five major rectification and improvement of the production line. For example, from bottom glue paint to dust free workshop, traditional assembly line to automatic assembly line and so on.


Looking forward to the future, Hengstar will, as always, the pursuit of and beyond, with its own production, management, research and development, a lot of advantages such as safety achievements, to win the recognition and trust partners around the world.