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Hengstar High Brightness LCD Monitor


Key Features
1. Direct type LED backlit, energy saving.
2. High brightness, up to 3000 cd/m2.
3. Local dimming and auto brightness control.
4. 1,000,000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio.
5. Built-in thermal management system.
6. Blackening free defect in direct sunlight.
7. Optional Landscape and Portrait display mode.
8. Variety of sizes available.
High Brightness LED Backlight with Local Dimming
Hengstar High Brightness LCD monitor adopt direct type LED backlit, which is more energy efficient and also provides a much brighter image than traditional CCFL backlights. These high brightness LCD monitor can be easily viewed in direct sunlight conditions such as store front windows or outdoor kiosks. The direct LED backlit features a local dimming technique which can provide a remarkable high contrast pucture as high as 1,000,000:1 (dynamic). With local dimming, darker area of an image receives less backlighting than lighter areas, as opposed to CCFL and edge-lit LED backlights which illuminate the entire screen at all times causing blacks and dark areas to appear washed out.
Built-in Thermal Management System
Heat dissipation is always an issue for high brightness LCD monitor. Hengstar High Brightness LCD monitor are built with good concerns of heat emission treatment. The LED backlit system is built-in with a sensor which continuously monitors the temperature of the LCD panel, heat generated by the backlit is radiated away immediately from the rugged aluminum heat sinks, thus the LCD panel is protected away from overheat, potential of LCD burnt down are reduced greatly.
Blackening Defect Free
Most residential and commercial LCD monitors will blacken or result in isotropic failure when the LCD panel overheat. Hengstar High Brightness LCD monitor adopt industrial grade LCD panels, it can withstand a high temperature; also the monitors are built-in with thermal management system, heat will be radiated away immediately. The Monitors won't go blacken in direct sunlight conditions.

Auto Brightness Control Hengstar High Brightness LCD monitor are built-in with an onboard light sensor, it measures the ambient light in the area and automatically adjusts the image accordingly.