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What are the design requirements and key points of the Hengstar Medical Tablet?


Hengstar Medical Tablet Design Requirements and Design Points

Generally speaking, the design of medical tablet needs to meet the following characteristics:

1. The device is light and portable, and it should not cause a burden when used in mobile;

2. The size of the visible screen is preferably between 8-15.6 inches. Outside this size, it is not for viewing. The difficulty is the increase in weight due to the large size;

3. The battery life is long enough to ensure the continuous use of the doctor;

4. The wireless signal connection is stable to ensure that the doctor can use it in different wards or departments and check data online at any time;

5. With front and rear cameras, You can take pictures when necessary to facilitate later medical academic analysis. Of course, designers also need to take targeted measures based on the actual use of the medical tablet to improve the practicability of the device and meet the special needs of users. For example, considering users who have different requirements for screen sizes, such as orthopedics and neurology, larger screens are needed to display examination films.

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Medical tablets are highly pertinent and practical, and designers should provide customers with customized services according to the special needs of users. For example, in the design of this medical tablet, for the high-end medical needs, the designer adopts the latest generation of Intel platform technology, supports Core or Pentium processors, can link the display through the docking station, and cooperate with the wireless keyboard and mouse combination to become a desktop office machine to meet Daily application requirements; at the same time, when there is mobile demand, the tablet mode can be used, which is convenient to move. In addition, in addition to the practicality of functions, the designer also fully considered the viewing and comfort of the equipment. In terms of the shape, color, material, man-machine and other aspects of the medical tablet, the designers strive to do their best to make the device give people a natural and beautiful visual experience, portable and comfortable experience, and meet the special needs of the device in the medical environment. And emotional needs.

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Due to the unbalanced distribution of medical resources, more patients flock to relatively good hospitals, causing problems such as difficulty in registering, long waiting time for medical treatment, and more patients and fewer beds. The use of medical tablets can solve the problem of space and time between the doctor`s office and the patient`s ward, and provide technical support for the doctor to grasp patient information in time, effectively improve the efficiency of doctors` rounds, and help improve the refinement of the hospital The management level will help promote changes in the working mechanism of the medical industry, promote the mobility of medical care, and thus comprehensively improve the [difficult to see a doctor and difficult to manage" situation in hospitals.

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