What about the supply capacity of open frame monitor in Hengstar?
So far Hengstar has been capable of offering open frame monitor to all clients around the world. We make it possible to adjust the production based on the demand. We have stocks. This guarantees the supplies when the production is suspended for maintenance.

Shenzhen Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. is one of Chinese leading manufacturers for . is one of 's multiple product series. The industrial LCD monitors are suitable for different industrial control and factory automation. . If you have any questions, please send message to us and we will reply you at the first time. Shenzhen Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. has strong innovation ability, research ability and development ability for . Hengstar's LCD products are widely applied in professional markets like aviation and logistic.

Shenzhen Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. will respect every customer's requirement and try to do it well. Inquire now!
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